What Do Medical Corporations Look For In Their Staff

The success of any institution is highly dependent on its employees. Whenever an organisation has the best employees, its clients will be treated well and they will remain loyal as well as ask their family and friends to seek services from this institution. This is true even for medical organisations such as hospitals and clinics. The most important questions to ask therefore are; what should a medical institution look for when hiring its staff? What process should they follow? Who should be tasked with hiring these professionals?

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What to look for

As with all other jobs, the medical organisation should evaluate the skill set of the potential employees. This should include the technical knowhow to carry out the job at hand as well as theoretical knowledge. The second factor is the level of experience required for the job which can be entry level, intermediate or experienced. In addition to this, the recruitment team should look at the interpersonal skills of the employees, ability to articulate their thoughts and answers, cultural fit for the institution and emotional intelligence.

Another factor to consider is the level of remuneration sought by the employee. This should be reasonable with respect to the expected work load, the level of skills and experience required and the labour laws in the state. Remuneration is a sensitive issue that should be handled with extreme care as it could lead to loss of talent or employees that would be vital to the success of the institution.

The recruitment process

Medical institutions require both medical practitioners such as doctors and nurses and business support staff such accountants, administrators and cleaners. The first step is to identify the position and determine which category it falls in. for example, healthcare communications jobs fall under the business support category. The second step is to identify the skills and qualifications that are ideal for the position. This is in essence the development of the job description for the post and should be done by a hiring committee comprised both medical practitioners and business support staff members for effectiveness. Remember that the recruited employee will work with staff members from both groups and therefore should be vetted by both.

Once this is done, the position is then advertised through appropriate channels to ensure that it is seen by a qualified pool of people. Applications are then received, evaluated and shortlisted. Interviews with the shortlisted candidates are organised and the best candidate is chosen. Remember that the interview process can incorporate Aptitude tests to test on analytical skills and emotional intelligence.